vivo s1 pro With a Snapdragon 665 Design

Last month’s release of the Vogue smartphones in India has left the market with many queries, mainly in terms of the deal of the two smartphones that are being touted as the next big thing in the mobile world. The two handsets – Vogue Smartphones from Sony Ericsson and Spice Smartphones from Vodafone – have been released to the markets in varying colours and with price tags that are really high. But that has not dampened their appeal. Even though both handsets are extremely powerful, they are different from each other in terms of features and looks.

The Vogue Smartphone from Sony Ericsson has an all-metal body that is rather glossy and has a dual curved screen that sitsuated on the rear surface. A protruding volume button and a power and volume rocker are located on the sides of the handset. At the centre of the rear glass is a 16 mega-apixel camera lens with a secondary LED flash and an earpiece. An infrared fingerprint sensor is present on the handset’s home key, along with a physical home key, the headphone jack and the USB port. Apart from that, the vivo s1 pro has an eight mega pixel camera sensor as well as a 5 mega pixels density display for video chatting purposes.

The handset’s camera is unlike any other phones that you might have seen before. It is called the LiveView camera and has a rather unique way of imaging; namely the VGA Ocular sensor coupled with Sony’s Exmor P, which allows the sensor to focus on the subject rather than the viewfinder, thereby enabling the user to take clear and crisp images even in low light conditions. This is the main reason why Sony Ericsson’s vivo s1 pro comes with a standard zoom optical image stabilizer.

In the side of the Sony Ericssonota vivo s1 pro is a 2.5D image stabilizer with optical zoom, although it has been reported that the optical zoom doesn’t work very well in low light conditions. There is no optical zoom on the Sony Exmor P, but this could change vivo s1 pro  in the future. Apart from the optical zoom, there is also a secondary auto-focus lens that works pretty well, although it can be said that it is a bit slow. The side by side feature of this handset allows you to see the depth of the subject of your photograph in real time.

One of the most interesting aspects about the Sony vivo s1 pro is its built in Wi-Fi Direct technology, which means that users can use their smartphones to connect to the unit via Wi-Fi. This was an option that was present on the Nokia E71, but unfortunately, this smartphone does not have this technology built-in. However, Sony has made sure that it is compatible with any US carrier, and thus, users do have the freedom to enjoy its many features including a large amount of built in widgets.

Despite lacking some important features present on the Nokia E71, such as the 3G connectivity, the Sony vivo s1 pro smartphone certainly has all the essential features that one would expect from a high end smartphone. The device comes with a large 8GB memory which is enough to store all the images and videos that you want to capture. Moreover, users can get hold of a notification center that acts just like the Android alerts, and from here they can perform a series of functions such as controlling the brightness, volume, screen timeout, and also getting to know the battery level.